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coral support


As designers, we utilize color everyday to visualize our ideas and communicate our thoughts. Likewise, corals, themselves, communicate in this fashion and we were inspired by the wonder of their nature. Like the corals, we utilize the glowing colors as an alarm to the public that now is the time to act, and what better way than through community and art.

made in collaboration with the talented Audrea Wah


Coral Support is a global concert tour that takes place in twelve aquarium venues. The app allows people to take selfies with coral filters and share them on various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. 



Users also have the option to be featured in our ongoing gallery using the #coralsupport. The app houses a way to get tickets for the performances, but also to tune in via Twitch to stream live. We wanted to be informative, while still providing a sense of hope and wonder. 

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